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Považské múzeum –  Terchová Exposition
During your stay in Terchová you shouldn't miss a visit of Považské Museum with a permanent exposition of Terchová and Jánošík detailing the life of the popular national folk hero, and the history of the village. Following the tour you can watch a short documentary detailing the famous bandit's life. Another interesting destination is also a Nature Gallery in Terchová, located right behind the Church of Cyril and Method. The art pieces on display were inspired by the beautiful surrounding nature and the village life.

Open Air Museum - Skanzen Vychylovka
Museum of Kysucká Village in Nová Bystrica – Vychylovka is a permanent outdoor exposition and a significant place in regards to the conservation of typical farmers' residences in Kysuce. Exposition includes 34 dwellings and a narrow gauge railway which at the time connected regions Kysuce and Orava. Currently it is the only functional historical wood railway in Europe, and one of the few in the world. Established in 1926 it was originally operating on the length of 110 km in a mountainous terrain; today it serves for transporting visitors on a romantic 3,6 km long route, crossing the area of Kysucká Village  Open-Air Museum. From May to October, this stunning place is revived by singing, music, dancing and artisan’s trade. We are convinced it will also entertain you and your companions.

Museum of Slovak village in Martin
Skanzen in Martin is one of the largest open-air expositions in Slovakia conserving and detailing the life of traditional folk architecture, type of dwelling and lifestyle of rural communities in the late 19th to early 20th century. The exposition is located on the area of 28 acres including almost 100 dwellings showcasing traditional household furnishings. Beautiful church architecture is also displayed. Various seasonal events with folk artists performances, concerts and showcases of artisans' work are regularly held here; for more information please go to Skanzen Martin.