If you are a passionate skier or snowboarder, be sure to visit the nearby winter resorts.

Vrátna Free Time Zone
Vrátna is one of the most popular winter resorts in Slovakia offering options for experienced skiers, snowboarders, ski alpinists and free riders. The longest downhill in the Chleb area with an elevation of 750 m easily accessible via a modern 8-seater cable car with a summit at Snilovské sedlo (1500 m) is the pearl of Vrátna ski resort.  The resort offers great skiing throughout the entire winter season with spring being truly exceptional.

Športcentrum Malá Lučivná
Ski resort Športcentrum Malá Lúčivná is situated in the valley of Malá Fatra, on the route Žilina-Dolný Kubín, between the villages of Párnica and Zázrivá. Resort is equipped with modern artificial snow technology for the hills in the length of 3200 m, offers seven ski lifts and ski runs for all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers.

SKI PARK Kubínska Hoľa
To enjoy an excellent family skiing we recommend you to visit the resort Ski Park Kubínska Hoľa nearby Dolný Kubín. Great ski and snowboard runs in the beautiful setting of Oravská Magura with views of Orava, Nízke and Západné Tatry, Malá and Veľká Fatra, as well as excellent ski conditions and modern lift equipment guarantee an unforgettable ski experience. Two 4-seater cable cars and eight ski lifts are available for the 14 km length of slopes. Modern technology for artificial snow-making classifies Ski Park Kubínska Hoľa as a 4-star ski resort