Veľký Rozsutec   

Impressive rock beauty Veľký Rozsutec is considered to be the pearl of Malá Fatra and the symbol of Jánošík's land. Due of its unique panorama, Rozsutec is one of the most beautiful peaks in Slovakia, and we highly recommend a trip to its monumental top. Even though the hike is quite demanding, the effort will certainly be worth it.

The ideal starting point is the northern part of village Štefanová. You begin on the yellow sign trail leading you to the sheep farm in Podžiar. From there follow the blue sign trail towards the right to Horné diery and Tesná rizňa. After climbing the narrow canyons at few spots secured by ladders, you’ll reach the mountain ridge Medzirozsutce saddle offering some breathtaking views of Malá Fatra. The red sign trail takes you firstly through woods, then on the rocky mountain ridge, directly to the peak. We recommend paying attention to the trail signs in the area towards the peak; the lower parts of the hike are marked well and not difficult for orientation.
On your way down to Štefanová go through the saddle right below the peak and continue via the southern descending ridge. Take a sharp right turn and descend to the Medziholie saddle to the green sign trail leading you directly underneath the rock walls of Big Rozsutec. Follow this trail all the way to the upper end of village Štefanová.

Duration: Approximately 5-6 hours
Season: Summer/Fall (Note: The trail Medzirozsutce saddle- Big Rozsutec -  Medziholie saddle is closed from October 1st to June 30th.)
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Ridge hike
Snilovské sedlo – Veľký Kriváň – Chleb – Hromové – Poludňový Grúň – Chata na Grúni – Vrátna

Our second hiking recommendation is the picturesque mountain ridge hike in Krivánska Fatra, starting in Vrátna, taking a cable car to Snilovské sedlo, hiking to the peak of Kriváň and continuing on the ridge to Chleb with a possibility of descending via Poludňový Grúň.

Despite the elevation differences and the possibility of taking a modern, 8-seater car cable directly to the summit at Snilovské sedlo situated right under the Malá Fatra ridge, this hike is not too strenuous.  From Snilovské sedlo (1520 m) you could get on the red sign trail to the right towards Veľký Kriváň (1709 m) – the highest peak of Malá Fatra, and follow the left fork via ridge to Chleb (1647 m). If you opt for descent via Hromové sedlo to Poludňový Grúň (1460 m) and to the Chalet on Grúň, be prepared for a more difficult section with a steep decline. Weather permitting, the trail is easy on orientation and you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views on the nearby peaks and valleys of Turiec and Váh.

Duration: Approximately 3-4 hours
Season: Year-round
Difficulty: Medium

Jánošíkove diery / Jánošík's Holes

Hike in the narrow valleys of Jánošík's Holes is ideal for those that prefer to see breathtaking beauty without much effort.  Jánošík's Holes are located in the Nature Reserve of Rozcutec, nearby the village of Terchová.

They were formed by the Hole stream in the limestone and dolomite rocks into the three compact parts: Dolné diery/Lower Holes, Nové diery/New Holes a Horné diery/Upper Holes. In their narrow gulfs and canyons there are around 20 smaller and larger waterfalls accessible with a help of benches, ladders and chains and you can reach them following the marked trail signs. The trail begins in the village of Terchová – Biely Potok nearby Hotel Diery, and is easily manageable with the whole family within approximately half a day, depending on your tempo and breaks.
Start against the stream flow following the blue sign towards the Lower Holes via the rocky canyon trail. Here you could either take the right turn via Lower Holes (be ready for your first ladder) or go to the left via New Holes. Both routes will lead you to the fork Podžiar. In Podžiar you can get some refreshments in a mountain snack bar and continue on the blue sign towards Upper Holes (note: this section is closed during the winter). Thanks to the many ladders and benches, this trail attracts many tourists, and there might be a moment when you have to wait in the „ladder queue“.
The hike is not too physically strenuous, always offering beautiful views of rock formations, with a continuous pleasant sound of a mountain stream.

Time: Approximately 4 hours
Season: Year-round except the Upper Holes trail closed during winter
Difficulty: Medium